Sunday, January 4, 2009

Food, glorious FOOD (from the musical Oliver)

posted by Mary Lello, Sunday, January 4, 2009, 12:34 PM

I like to think that I will be able to sit down and write all the thank you's that are owed for the food stuffs coming in but I'm also a realist (sometimes! these times anyway) so I'm going to bang off a few notes here for the glorious, healthy food we are eating.

Last night we took down a huge pan of lasagna to contribute the incredible chicken dish Todd cooked. My gal-pal Chessell dropped this lasagna off to us our second night home. God, Chess, it was fantastic and everyone at the party went back for seconds - and there's STILL leftovers!!! I know this girl to bike, run, swim and finish Iron Man competitions in 12 hours and 3 mins (NO, I am NOT making this up!!!) but had I known she cook like this I would have insisted on a few more dinner parties at HER house long ago!!

Today for lunch we had an amazing soup that Leanne Bard brought over yesterday. Donna was sitting at the table before Leanne arrived and she said, jokingly, we should put the word out on the website that we need more soup. Leanne walked through the door within 10 mins. with a big pot of ..... ta-da ... SOUP!!! And it was really good. Thanks for cleaning out your 'frig sweetie and sharing this with us!

Kathy Palmer also made us an amazingly hearty, healthy stew for our first couple days home. We took the leftovers of this soup to the hospital and heated it in the microwave in the 'family kitchen' on the 6th floor for our lunch one day. I felt like we were getting waaay too good at camping out there at the hospital but this was the day Jim was discharged. The power of a good soup!!

Chocolate chip muffins from Tom and Gigi along with a whimsical palm tree that lights up at night to put some light on our deck stairs. Jim loves these muffins!! We all do! And the neighbors love the palm tree.

A care package from my friends in California, Maureen and Ted as well as Maureen's sister Kathy (who lives in Maine). Homemade apple sauce and a sweet bread that is to die for as well as 2 bottles of wine - not for Jim but the Lionesses sure love it!! I think I need to thank Kathy for the homemade things and Maureen and Ted for instigating the care package! OH and dark DOVE chocolates - because Maureen knows me soooo well!!

Cookies from Hanna and Eric which Linneah (their 2 y.o. - and my grandniece!) wanted to eat as soon as they walked in the door!

A lot of clementines have been brought to us. We will not be getting scurvy at least! Homemade frozen meals put into the freezer by the Jaffrays when they visited on Friday along with a pre-birthday carrot cake.

One of my sisters, Jayne, from Dover-Foxcroft along with her daughter (my niece) Molly stocked our 'frig, cabinets and freezer with quick and easy meals and munchies galore while we were spending countless hours at the hospital. You two did a FANTASTIC job with that!!!

Jane and Ronnie brought coffee after I had put out the word that I like Coffee by Design beans and they got it ground and mixed, well, by my design!! Along with the coffee came amazing croissants, scones and sticky buns. These 2 also had our dinner here and ready to put together the first night Donna, Stacie and I had to come home so late from the hospital after Jims surgery. Donna had asked if there was any wine at home and I had said, no I'm so sorry. But we walked in the door and there was pasta, sauce and a bottle of WINE!!

Chocolates and crossword puzzle book and an Obama pin from my friend Maura. We'll miss you in the 'hood sweetie but I'm so glad it is people like you down there in D.C these days!!!

And Donna and Stacie continue to be amazing support to both Jim and I. The house finally got vacuumed and the floors mopped today by Donna. And Stacie whipped around the kitchen with rag in hand and cleaned the kitchen up. Stuff like this just seems overwhelming right now but with 3 of us doing what we can when the energy hits it is getting done. All I can ask for.

Jim took a long walk up the Town Landing hill today and Pam from the Town Landing Market came out to say HI to him. Pam and Jim really love each other. I've seen Pam dissolve into a puddle of tears when she learned our old dog, Maya, was going to need to be 'put down' 9 years ago so there was no way Jim was going to get to the top of the hill and Pam not go out there and give him a hug! (I do not mean to compare Jim to an 'old dog'! Just trying to tell you the kind of person Pam, the owner of the store, is.... phew!)

From the top of the hill we walked to the bottom and out onto the docks at the town landing (this is our street, for those who don't know - and our neighborhood!) and then BACK up the hill to home. A really good walk for Jim right now, even though the athlete in him scoffs at it!

Blue bird day out there today. We hope you all are able to get outside and play,


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