Saturday, January 17, 2009

Healing's beyond the norms

posted by Mary Lello, Saturday, January 17, 2009, 5:55 AM

Jim had a bad day yesterday. He woke with a headache, his first real headache since this all began but certainly one of the major symptoms when something else is in your head besides your brain! He was very unsteady on his feet (but he still got into the shower without telling me and didn't use his chair. Drives me crazy but I understand his need to just do some things for himself) and spent a good part of the day on the couch. Luckily we already had an appointment scheduled with Dr. Weinburg's office to check his blood so we just made sure we could actually get some face time with her. She said Ibiprofin is fine and wasn't too concerned considering the big day Jim had yesterday in Boston and the fact that he might be dehydrated. More water!

I spoke with my friend from years ago Tina Clark. She and her husband, John, were very close friends of ours while we lived in Wickford, R.I. during the years Jim worked at the Providence Journal (with Mick Cochran who posts all those great pictures from so long ago). Four years ago I got a letter from Tina that was not the annual Christmas card but a letter informing us that John had died of cancer - I believe it was pancreatic but I'm not positive about that. We were shocked and my heart went out to Tina and her little girl Katrina at that time. Just this week I sent a

note to Tina informing her of where are lives are right now. She called me yesterday morning saying she had just gotten the note and finished reading it.

Even thinking of her calling me so quickly brings tears to my eyes. We have kept in touch with those x-mas letters over all these years (20 something) but have not really had much face time. And yesterday she talked with me and reached out to me like one of my best gal-pals. She was wise, honest and told me things that only someone else who has gone through all this truly understands. She had married her high school sweet heart, the love of her life and misses him horribly now as Katrina goes off to college this year and Tina has the house all to herself.

She still lives in Providence, R.I. and we hope to connect at times when I'm in Boston with Jim. Under such horrible circumstances seeing her again would be one of the many gifts that keep coming from all this. And there are SO MANY gifts from this, from so many of you, from all over the world (I think this as I read Marie's post from New Zealand!). It's astounding.

I had meant to write about the fact that we have made an appointment with Bob Morrison's naturopath, James Belanger - which we are really excited about and feeling really good about. Thank you for this tip Bob. And my brother in law, Jerry Sanders, still continues to come up with amazing information regarding how to heal Jim on deeper levels then just the cancer. Levels that have the potential of helping Jim transform not only the physical but the emotional and spiritual as well. Hey, I'm an energy healer and understand there are forces out there far, far greater then even Dr. Voldermort!

But somehow I got writing about Tina and how deeply she touched my heart and this is enough.

It's more then enough.

Loving you all back!


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