Saturday, January 3, 2009

Counting Days

Saturday 1/3/09

posted by Mary Lello, Saturday, January 3, 2009, 9:02 PM

I admit, I've stopped counting days. I'm also not sure that I will be able to keep this up on a daily basis once I get back to work but I KNOW that you will all understand. And I want you to also know that I WILL try to keep you all posted on what's happening here at The Pitt (as we call it).

We had a nice little celebration of Jim's birthday tonight with our 'family' right here in the 'hood - so Jim got to walk down to his birthday dinner and walk home. An uphill climb to bed ( Town Landing Road being what it is) which is good for his balance right now. It was a bit overwhelming for him but more because all this Love coming at us is just so incredibly wonderful and hard to take in. Breathe I tell him. Remember what Ian wrote about receiving and just 'refuel'. It is so very important right now and so incredibly huge .... and healing for all of us!!!

Jim crashed about 7:30 - which, again , was a milestone. He was so much stonger and better today then yesterday. But I realized that , hey, I'm still healthy - it's Saturday night and my friends are still playing down at that house! So Donna and Stacie were ready to call it a night, I put Jim to bed and I walked back down to just sit and have another glass of wine with friends and to talk about other things besides cancerous brain tumors ..... I need to take my healings too. It was wonderful for me and I also know it was wonderful for JIm. His friend of 30+ years, Gunnar Hansen came down just for a few hour from Northeast Harbor and his 'brother' Rob Hoover also came up from the Mass. border to celebrate the birth of Jim tonight. Great, great, great!

I spoke with another dearest friend of ours today, Chen Sun who lives in Rockland. She is the same age as my own mother (87... sorry Chensun but I adore your spirit at this age and have to brag about it!!) and she said to me today "Jim is like a son to me"... she has 5 children of her own as well as grandchildren. But I realized that THIS is the magic of this man. He doesn't 'make friends' he makes family! If you are in this circle - and obviously you are because you are reading this - then you ARE family to Jim. Period. I have always admired this in him and now I'm truly "getting it". Big time!

So I really feel I saw another giant step in his healing today. He was far brighter and more just JIm today when he was up. He had enough strength to take a walk this morning and sit with his friend Gunnar after his nap AND go down to the party tonight. And even though he tired quickly (it was a HUGE stimulation tonight) he was able to look at me and say " I think it's time to go home now" .... which is a big deal for him! To know that he had reached his limitations today was a good thing for me to hear from him (even though I knew it, but wanted him to know it also). And also for Donna, Stacie and I to see so much more of our Jim for more of the day was just really, really good. The healing is happening and I'm always amazed at this power, this spirit, of healing that truly exists in each and every one us.

We are taking life on a daily basis right now. Being in the "moment" is no longer just a saying here in this household, it is a reality. Not a bad reality but one I always thought I could attain without getting wumped so hard. I don't have the answer to this, but we are in the moment right now, it is what it is and in a few days we will deal with a whole new schedule of appointments for Jim, knowing the lab results and my going back to work - to be the healer for others that I know I am and to be present for others, which will be truly healing for me .... go figure! ... but it DOES work this way. My clients are as much of a healing force for me as I am for them. Partnership is powerful!

I also need to say that today was a quiet day and we needed that. I ALMOST got to vaccum the house. OK, it didn't actually happen but I saw a window where it could have happened! So please keep in mind that we DO want to see each and every one of you at some point but timing is everything. I hope to get the calendar up and organized with Jim's schedule soon (maybe a little bit of that up for tomorrow?) and be able to start understanding what our needs are. I know we have this amazing tribe waiting in the wings to be put into action. Trust me, you WILL be called on as soon as we can figure all this shit out!

We got some amazing CD's today that were burned for us from our friends the Harringtons and John Brautigan. I love the fact that these folks took the time to burn these songs with Jim in mind for each song chosen - and there are some great tunes and MY kind of artists chosen on these CD's (yup, retro/oldies work for me!) so I may just have to take the time to listen to these with Jim! Thank you guys for this!

It's very late for me now so I will say good night,

Thank you for filling our lives so full of this incredible power called LOVE (it's NOT just a 70's thing!) and please know that we are receiving it and we also so want to reflect it back onto you, and we do (partnership IS powerful!)




posted by Mary Lello, Friday, January 2, 2009, 7:10 PM

Sorry, I meant to tell all of you that we do not have the results back from the lab yet. Donna called our surgeons office today, Dr. Wilson, and they were closed. It is a holiday after all. So we will have the final word on Monday, we all hope.

But regardless, healing is happening everyday.

Good night,


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