Thursday, January 1, 2009

First day home

Mary Lello, Thursday, January 1, 2009, 4:25 PM

David informed me that I am the 'big honcho' and so I can write in this announcement space. Maybe THIS is why I am always wearing a crown David?

Our first day home has gone well. Jim is moving around and doing really well. Sleeping a lot, which is good and eating even more. His appetite is huge! We are trying to adjust to whatever schedule he needs at this time and figure out when his nap times need to be and this will help me tell you when visiting times will be best. But again, we're new at this so ....

We did have a little outing this afternoon after he slept for 2 hours. We went over to the Puelle's and equally dear friends, Mary Margaret (MM) and Todd joined us there. It was a safe outing as the Puelle's are "family" and their house is so familiar. Naturally Jim didn't want to leave but we could see that he was fading so the 3 Lionesses (as Donna has labeled Stacie, herself and I - is this correct english?) decided it was time for him to come home and he has sacked out on his day bed now (5:00pm). We're getting much better at knowing when he have to call it quits and he is getting better at accepting this.

We are in a 2 week healing time before any radiation begins. We will meet with those Dr's next Friday (1/9) to get the schedule. I do know that he will be going daily for 5 days/week and I also know that I need to go back to work next week so as we figure the schedule out and know how long Donna and Stacie can stay we will begin to fill that calender in with what's needed and then any of you who would like to assist with traveling or staying here with Jim can fill in your best times.

Man, just being able to say this and reach out to this community feels amazing. I'm so used to being the 'giver' that being on the recieving end is just a bit hard for me. So feel free to knock me upside of the head if I'm balking because we DO need help at some point!

We are also suppose to hear from the lab - maybe by tomorrow (Fri. 1/2 - my mothers birthday) - as to exactly what grade cancerous tumor we are dealing with. Jim is anxious for this information. It is still surreal for all of us that we are even fighting this battle but it's sinking in fast.

I shall keep you all posted. In the meantime Jim is enjoying looking at the pictures being posted. He hasn't quite got the attention span to actually read all your posts - but I do!!! When we have a quiet time and he is alert I will read all that you have written to him aloud for him. At least for now, until he can do that himself.

We love you all and thank you! (I can't say this enough so I will just keep saying with every writing!)


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