Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hitting the wall

posted by Mary Lello, Sunday, January 11, 2009, 5:57 PM

I hit a wall today. Not much sleep last night. Too much to try and do today and no energy or motivation to do anything. Guess it's normal. I'm just not use to this kind of mental and physical exhaustion.

Jim however had a really good day. He went out and shoveled a little bit of snow off the deck and to the wood pile. He sat on his bike and rode it on the wind trainer for 15 minutes. He's chatting on the phone now with his friend Jane and he took a shower this morning in his new chair shower from Elizabeth E. That worked great!!!

Paula Jalbert dropped a hat off to Jim several days ago (and a big tray of peanut noodles that were yummy!). It has ear flaps, tassles and the top is the cutest little sock monkey. AND it has the effect of looking absolutely ridiculous on his head. Jim loves it. As a matter of fact he wore it to Dr. Voldemorts office and all the nurses and children in the hospital loved it. It's becoming a fad. All our friends want one. The 3 Lionesses have decided we should all have one. Our family doctor (Dr. Bruce Kenney) wants one. It's like the Jimmy sock monkey fan club or something!

Stacie is in charge of ordering so you can email her to ask what the heck they look like OR how to order one OR just look for them around town!!!

Jim gets his staples out tomorrow. Tues. he goes to get his mask created for the radiology and hopefully we will get our schedule for radiation then. I really am antsy to get the schedules that require Jim being driven to appts. set up so that we can organize drivers for days and times.

Our wonderful friends Greg and Roseanne Jalbert are coming from CO to help fill in where Donna has left off. Greg will arrive on Sat. 1/17 and be here for 2 weeks. Greg and Stacie will leave at about the same time the end of January but Roseanne (Greg's wife) will then come and stay with us for a week. At that time we should have a better feel for what Jim's needs are and what we need for people being here with him etc. But at least we have about 3 weeks covered with that.

During the week that Roseanne is here we may need to call on some of you with flexible schedules to be available to release Roseanne and/or me for a few hours on certain days.

So all of you 'in the wings' - and we feel like you are our wings as we do know and feel you there with all this support! - I hope to get a better idea of a schedule and our needs out to you by the end of this week or beginning of next week. Hopefully!

I'm off to bed or at least some mindless t.v.

Always and abundantly thank you,


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