Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another bluebird day

posted by Mary Lello, Wednesday, January 14, 2009, 12:47 PM

Anyone remember the song Zippety doodah from Disney's Song of the South? "Mr. Bluebirds on my shoulder .... zippety doodah zippety day, my oh my what a wonderful day". That is where I get the expression "a bluebird day" from. And I use it for these crisp startling blue sky and sea days.

I can't say I've had a real zippety doodah feeling of late but today does feel like a better day. Jim had a wonderful session with Jerry Sanders - who I feel is truly getting to the very beginning roots of this fear and anxiety as well as how to best allow it to release and change from bottled, or stuck, energy (fear) to pure excited energy that is positive and optimistic. Seems the fear must be released in order for it to transform into the Zippety doodah energy that will create that positive 'let's get this thing nailed and enjoy life" attitude that is so much more of the Jim I know and the attitude we all know is needed to best "hit this outa the park" - as Jayne said in a message earlier.

Jim rode his windtrainer for 20 minutes today. More excercise then I got! The last 5 minutes of that I could see he was tiring but still, 20 minutes of spinning is not that bad ... right Matthew Faulkner?! So it was a good morning.

I am at work now and giving Stacie a much needed acupuncture treatment for - guess what? - exhaustion, stiff neck, headaches and all the other things one might expect from a care giver!! Our friend Matthew Faulkner is home minding the store and possibly giving the Jimmy Thing (as he likes to call him) an outing on this beautiful blue day.

We still do not have the set schedule for radiology. Our first appointment is next wednesday at 7:45 ... A,M. !!! Can this doctor possibly do anything else to bug me?! I'm going to try and call and change that time if at all possible. In normal times 7:45 is not so hard. But these are not normal times and it's really hard (and very stressful for me) to try and get Jim up and out much before 9:00!!! And, I'm hoping, if we can get a more reasonable schedule that this will be the one that gets set, carved in stone, and we can FINALLY get riders and all set up and ready to swing into actilon.

And we are ready for this next step. We are ready to start radiation and chemo and get the treatments happening. And we also all are looking forward to going to Boston tomorrow. Todd Valentine is driving so I don't have to worry about finding my way around the "big city"! Thanks so much for this Todd. We'll be stopping at Trader Joe's too so if you need anything from there let me know! (I think I'm kidding on this one).

The food stuff coming continues to be wonderful. Thank you all so much!

And put some bluebird day energy out there for us!

Loving you back!!


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