Friday, January 2, 2009

Day 2

Mary Lello, Friday, January 2, 2009, 5:28 PM

We got some great news today from the Physical Therapist who came to evaluate Jim. After she worked with him on several tasks and spent a good hour or more with him she said she would classify his case a "mild". MILD!!!!!! WOW!!!! And this only 4 days after his surgery while things are still swollen and affecting so much. This was such good news. And Betsy was so wonderful. It also turns out that she is a dear friend to our dear friend Matthew Faulkner (who was here when Betsy arrived and so the connection) ... so the web keeps reaching out and connecting. Maybe the Universe IS still on our side!

The other good news we got about an hour ago is that Betsy has decided to keep Jim as her client vs. pass him onto some other PT person as she is more of an "evaluator" these days. She said she wants to see this one through - YAHOOZZY!!! We all really liked how direct she was, how positive and just how she works in general so this was also very good news.

Otherwise the day was very busy with people stopping by, the PT session and just making sure Jim is resting when he needs (this is ongoing) and eating when he's hungry (which is always).

The Lionesses are exhausted right now and looking forward to a quiet night, which, hopefully includes a good nights sleep! Tomorrow I plan to get outside and play and we have been told by Betsy that Jim needs to start taking some walks. So we need to really start focusing on how best to facilitate a daily routine that will include walks, napping, his mediation practice and meals.

Those of you asking when is it best to stop by - I can't answer that right now. I think we need to just take a bit more space so that Jim can get into a routine. He is going to get stronger and bored and will be more receptive to seeing all of you in x-amount of time down the road. For now, it's still best if you can call. Leave a message and we will get back to you.

I read Ian's message tonight aloud to Jim and we both were so touched by that. Ian, what an incredibly powerful writing. God, it hit such a strong cord in each of us - and of course got the tears flowing but that happens with a drop of the hat!!

Keep the messages and photos coming as Jim likes to hear me read them to him and he likes knowing how each and everyone of you is out there pulling for him. It hurts him sometimes because he wants to be the puller but Ian's message was heard and so, we will gracefully and gratefully recieve at this time.

Thank you all, we love you all so much,


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