Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I've never been a big Halloween fan. I don't have the creativity to come up with a costume. Jim was never much into it either. I remember one Halloween, when we lived in R.I. and Jim was a staff photographer with the Providence Journal, a friend from the Pro Jo invited us to his Halloween party. We were on the fence of going or not then heard that it wasn't a costume party so we thought we might go. Another friend called us a half hour before we needed to leave to tell us it WAS a costume party so be sure to dress up. What?!

OK, we were still game. Jim rolled his blue jeans up, wore white sox and an old pair of loafers, slicked his hair back and put on a white t-shirt and rolled up the sleeves. Me? What else do you go as in the '80's? I put on fishnet stockings, an old mini-skirt, low cut top, stuffed my bra with wool socks ... I'm not kidding, rag-wool socks! ... and put my hair into a pony tail. Not great "costumes" but certainly different personas.

When we arrived at the party no one else was in costume! The friend who told us to dress up was thinking of a different party. OK, play with it then, just command the stage and work it. Jim was easily recognized but the hysterical thing was no one knew who I was, not until they talked with me! "Mary? OMG, is that YOU?!" C'mon, I wasn't wearing a mask, maybe too much eyeshadow, it went with my outfit, but I still looked like me, or so I thought. I heard rumors of how it spread through the paper that Roger had invited a real floosie to his party. And then this rumor was squashed when those who had talked to her set the record straight.

Jim and I always loved that story. Best costume and best Halloween party we ever attended ... though my costume was a little bit itchy!

This Halloween my family came here to my 'hood. There is a wonderful kids parade that goes through the neighborhood for the littlest spooks. My two nieces, Hanna and Jenny, brought their young families over for the parade. Yup, I'm a great aunt now to the sweetest little girls. Skyla Mae was the one whose birth I attended, she's 12 (or 13?) weeks old now. Astrid is one and her sister Linnea turns four in March (she's already sending out her party invitations). My sister and bro-in-law (the grandparents, but don't say it too loudly) also came over. It was so much fun. The kids loved being in the parade, they could trick-or-treat and then come back to my cozy kitchen and have hot chocolate, hot cider and pizza. And since the Patriots were playing we all gathered in the t.v. room and watched some of the game while the kids rolled around on the floor.

This party ended by 7:00, I was out of candy and hadn't eaten anything so my good friend, who had joined in this Halloween party with all of us, decided that he and I should go to the local tavern, watch the rest of the game, and thus avoid any more trick-or-treaters. So we did.

This might be my second greatest Halloween party. I wish Jim had been here to share in it .... perhaps he was .... calling the spirits back, "night of the dead" is what Halloween is all about .... maybe he was here with all of us then and loved seeing me laugh.

Loving you all back,


  1. it was a wonderful day.... sweet little spooks, great hot chocolate.... nice to be in your nieghborhood... a GREAT Marden's Lady Look-Alike!

  2. That was a great Marden's Lady/Birdie Googins costume!!! And she even could talk just like her!!

  3. Out of candy????? How does that happen? I still am not out of candy, and have the ass to prove it!

  4. Hannah, come to my neighborhood next year ... and bring all that candy honey!!!