Saturday, May 9, 2009

Spring Break!!!!

posted by Mary Lello, Saturday, May 9, 2009, 5:56 AM

Jim is walking better all the time now. Yesterday he was able to walk through our garden and then get down the stone steps of our house to the car so that we could have a 'family outing'. It was a pretty day and I needed to do a few things. Although I didn't let JIm out of the car as he still needs too much help to walk he was happy to wait while I ran into the various shops I needed to go to.

When we got back getting back up the steps was a bit more difficult. He powered himself up the stone steps and then decided to do the steps leading up to the front door. There was thunder clapping and a black sky threatening to open up on us at any minute so I agreed to this shorter route into the house. There are quite a few steps to our front door and that right foot just was NOT getting up and over the rim of the step. Luckily our neighbor, Anne, came running over and was able to lift Jim's foot up and over each step - and thus, we got into the house before a thunder storm hit! Exciting times at the Pitt.

Stacie arrived last night. Donna arrives tonight and our friend, Greg arrives on Monday. The new recruits are flying in from the West to see Jim and give me a much needed break. I leave today for the weekend with 3 girl friends. We are taking our bikes, our running gear, Ella (our sweet, sweet dog) enough food to feed an army and really good wine and heading to Kate's house on the lake. YES!!!! It is a little bittersweet for me as it's hard to leave Jim but being in the care of his 2 sisters and Greg (who is like a brother to JIm) I know he'll be fine and I really DO need this break.

Since these recruits will be here for 8 days I took the week off from work. I realized that I never stopped working through all this. Idiot! So I admit to being a bit burnt out right now (duh) and really looking forward to leading a bit of a normal life next week. Being able to just leave the house to run an errand, go for a bike ride or a run without needing to also schedule all the different man-sitters to be here so I can leave for a couple hours. FREEDOM!!! What an amazing feeling. I'm really hoping I don't get too spoiled with this.

SPRING BREAK for me and all the caretakers who have been coming weekly to be here for/with Jim while I go to work. Yes!

See you all when I get back on Monday.


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