Tuesday, April 28, 2009


posted by Mary Lello, Tuesday, April 28, 2009, 6:46 AM

We begin with Avastin today. It's a 3 hour infusion process every other week. I believe we will also do CPT 11 next week. This is a chemo that clinical trials have shown to work wonders on glio's when used with Avastin. Again, I don't know how this is administered whether it's an infusion also or a pill to take at night like the temador.

Yesterday Jim woke and was talking far more then he has for 2 weeks. Although still unable to walk by himself unaided he was moving far better. While brushing his teeth he just suddenly lifted his right arm to rest it on the sink. We both looked at each other in utter surprise and delight! He also was able to lift that right leg as he got settled on the couch. These are small improvements but yesterday they felt like huge leaps! As the day wore on Jim wore out and he stopped trying to put his words together and the movement of the right side didn't happen again. Still he is feeling better, less pain and far stronger. So the steroids are working, in small increments but working none the less.

I'm looking forward to a better quality of life for Jim, which Avastin promises for him at this time. I want him to be more independent again, to feel strong and able to walk outside and work in the garden with me. Maybe trail run? OK, I'll take whatever we can get but we certainly need a bit more then what he has right now.

This has been one tough 2 weeks and it has worn on Jim's spirit. I keep telling him that he can just jump on my tail of hope and I will pull him along with my spirit until he begins to feel his own surge again. He smiles at this and seems willing to accept the lift.

And at night I step outside and stare into the stars and ask that my hope stay strong so that I can indeed carry the 2 of us for a while longer.

Loving you all back,


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