Sunday, October 10, 2010

Spirit talk?

There was an interesting phenomena that happened over the weekend on Little Cranberry. While we were waiting for the ferry in Northeast Harbor Donna and Stacie went to check out some of the shops. I didn't know this at the time but Donna's cell phone rang and the caller I.D. said "Jim Daniels", with his old cell phone number. There was no one there when she answered.

That first night I was getting dinner going and the 3 of us were enjoying a cocktail. Donna came into the kitchen and was just about to tell me of this odd phone call in NE Harbor when her phone rang again. She brought it over for me to see the caller I.D. ... "Jim Daniels"! She answered it with a "Hi Jim" ... and then she started to talk to someone! I almost fainted!!! Turns out it was some kid in the popular Old Orchard Beach summer resort in southern Maine looking for Kristen.

"Sorry, wrong number".

But here's the thing, this kid was calling from Jim's canceled cell phone number? AND he had called a Colorado cell phone number ... COLORADO!!! How could this be?

Several folks have tried to explain how this might have happened but Jim's two sisters and I look at each other and laugh and say, "nope, it was Jim."
He never wanted to be left out of a good time and certainly wanting his three most loved women to know that he was with us ... yup, it was Jim.

Loving you all back,

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