Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Web of Life

This morning I got back from an early run in the woods with my dog, Ella. My crows were screaming at me as it was late for their feeding. I took the food out to the lawn by walking across the deck and to one side of my big oak tree. On my way back to the house I went to the other side of the oak and almost walked into a HUGE spider and her web. She's tried a new location. For the past few days she's been on the wood shed door and I've wrecked her web too frequently I guess. So now she has constructed her trap from the oak tree, that grows up through my deck, and the wood shed, directly in my normal path of passage from kitchen to yard.

I stopped just in time so as not to get entangled and therefore did not end up doing the flapping dance of swatting, jumping around and squeeling knowing how big this mama is! Instead I looked real closely at her construction - it's gorgeous. She's actually quite stunning too. There are two very long strands that run from the oak tree and then branch out making a perfect V, one going to the top of the web and the other to the bottom of the web. Nice architecture. The web sits closer to the wood shed wall, not hanging too far out and thus safe from the wind .... but not me if I forget she's there again!

I spent a few minutes talking to this large, bulbous-abdomen lady and did a few gentle twangings of her support strings. She didn't like that so much so I stopped, but I was intrigued by the strength and beauty of her design.

As I walked back into the house I found myself thinking "I'll show her to Jim when he gets up" ... and then stopped in my tracks. I couldn't believe I actually just thought that! But I did, it was real and it was painful. Some of my friends laugh at me because I notice things like spiders ... and enjoy it. But Jim never laughed at me. He loved having me point my observations out to him and he would take the time to stand in awe with me over a spider and her web.

I miss that.

Loving you all back,


  1. I too am an admirer of the everyday, ordinary, usually small, bits of life. Sometimes people laugh, but I KNOW it is one of the things they love about me! (and you.)

    xo, Margo

  2. This one hit my heart Mary. Hard.

  3. Me too Mary, I can relate to noticing spiders and crows, etc. I am even more aware now of crows since reading yours blogs and since I now have a family of them at my new residence.

    This summer I found a spider and his web attached to my driver's side front door and to the side view mirror. I was concerned because I drove over the bridge to work and I worried that the wind would carry the spider away from its web. I thought, "what a trooper, the wind is blowing this spider around like crazy but he's hanging on for dear life." It went on for days. I finally named him Jack. He was red in color. Then one day I took a stick and lifted him away from my side view mirror and placed him on a bush on the Eastern Prom. I thought, "ah, now he is safe!" A couple days later I see another one, this time on my right side view mirror. Again, I noticed this one as I am driving over the bridge to work. I had to laugh and I named her Myrna...Jack and Myrna. These spiders made me think about the obstacles of life and how we find ourselves hanging on for dear life, but our will to live is so strong. I thought too, if these spiders can make it, so can I.

    I am happy to hear that Jim would share in your wonder for the small, but oh so significant, gems in life.

    It's nice to read your writings again. I've missed you and would love to spend some time with you. XO Kim