Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sunny Day Fund

posted by Mary Lello, Thursday, April 8, 2010, 7:00 AM

Most people try to stash away some dollars for a "rainy day fund" for retirement, when the furnace blows or disability strikes. Well, I don't ever see myself able to retire but disability has struck so I do stash away the dollars. Whenever a client pays me cash I take that money and put it into an envelope ... after taxes of COURSE! It's sacred and I try not to touch it. It builds up pretty quick. I call it our "sunny day fund", for those times when life has Jim down so low that I know he needs something to look forward to. And for Jim that means traveling. So this stash of cash is for airplane tickets.

Nance Trueworthy had told me to take some of this money collected from the amazing fund raising dinner and do something fun. Nope, that's not what I see those dollars for. Those dollars that you all so generously pooled together for us are for a REAL "rainy day" ... when the furnace DOES blow or the car makes funny noises or whatever. I'm so incredibly grateful for all this help for JIm and I since I am only able to work part time now and it's just not making it - to be honest! So the generosity of our community is simply a Godsend to us, a cushion that has me feeling a tiny bit more secure in being able to keep this house and pay the astronomical insurance premiums. There are no words to thank all of you for this.

This web you have all woven around us is truly something for all of us to feel power from. And all of you should know, if disaster strikes you (God forbid!) that this is YOUR community too. This web we've woven connects all of us, supports all of us now. In an era where the tribes have disappeared we have woven our own tribal web of love.

So, Jim and I are heading to Northern California on May 9th for 10 days, returning on the 19th (care takers, take note!) There is an entire village out there excited to have us come and willing to do what is needed to care for Jim; taking him for hikes in the hills and sit with him while he naps. This same village is made up of trail runners, cyclists and gals who like a good margarita and pedicure so I will have company on my much needed outings. Our friends, Pete and Nikki - who will be our hosts - have a pool so there will even be some bobbing around in the water and relaxing pool side. In addition Stacie lives out there and Donna will come for an extended weekend from Colorado so that the Daniels can gather. Definitely something to look forward to.

I'm still nervous about flying solo with Jim but I booked these tickets with the thought "I've got to face my fears". My dear friend Maureen, who is part of this California village, was going to be here for the dinner but when I told her we were coming out she changed her plans. Originally from Rockland, ME. she plans to come back May 1st to visit family and then .... ta da ... fly back out to CA with Jim and I! My stress just got busted in half!!!

Another girlfriend from Maine, Ronda, has moved out to Oregon. When she heard we would be in the same time zone she wanted to get down to California to see us. When she heard of my stress in flying home alone with Jim (and a five - yup, FIVE - hour lay over in JFK) she booked a flight to come back to Maine and return with us! She says "I'm your sherpa for the day". Stress just taken down to almost nil.

May everyone have the kind of gal pals that I have!

When Jim comes into the kitchen for breakfast and I see the tears on his cheeks I start to talk about California - he'll smile and says "yes, yes, yes".

Sunny day fund, yes, yes, yes.

Loving you all back,


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