Monday, March 9, 2009

Sap runs in March

posted by Mary Lello, Monday, March 9, 2009, 5:47 AM

Sap runs in March. It's been my mantra through some of these snow storms and bone aching cold days. And this weekend New Englanders got a taste of spring with temperatures in the low 50's, bare ground showing and I noticed the Swamp Maple buds are swelling.

Sap runs in March. Life is flowing back up into the branches and the buds of these huge deciduous trees, Sugar Maples get tapped and sap houses start steaming as the sweet sap of these old trees gets boiled down into it's amber syrup.

Sap runs in March. Life rebounds and comes out of it's winters sleep. Brain stem tumors shrink, radiation and chemotherapy ends for 4 weeks and we start thinking about phase II of this journey and how to stay a step, or two, ahead of the intelligence of cancer cells.

I've been reading the Anti Cancer book by David Servan-Schreiber, MD, that our friends Gena and Reg sent to us. It is the book they live by now as Reg was diagnosed with a glio last May. It is the book we will begin to live by now too. And although I use to say "hey, it doesn't matter, we did it all right and Jim still gets cancer!" I'm changing this tune as I read this book.

We were at a small gathering of wonderful friends yesterday and they were asking many questions to which Jim and I tried our best to answer them with what limited information we have. At one point one of them said "Mary, you know so much about all this" and our friend Jane spoke up and said "she's on a crash course!". Exactly!! You get kissed by cancer and all of a sudden your entire life is all about learning as much as you can about these defective cells that have been awakened and you want to know WHY and HOW and you want to do everything possible to put them out of commission again.

Every one of us has a healing intelligence within us. It is this intelligence that I work with when bringing people into a state of health through this ancient medicine that uses fine needles.

This same intelligence is capable of fighting cancer, it does it in all of us who do not have activated cells because we ALL have cancer cells in us. So now Jim and I are not only going find and use what medicines there are out there to starve cancer cells that are alive and hungry in Jim's brain but we are also researching how to help Jim's own healing intelligence get a better 'leg up' and start doing the job it can and does so well again.

This has me feeling more empowered. I am a healer and I have felt so knocked downed and dragged out by the fact that my man is sicker then ever imagined and having to face the horrible fear of losing my best friend, my spouse, so early in our lives. But I am being reminded that our body wants to heal itself, and it can!

Sap runs in March - life is reborn, the sun has a different and stronger light to it, and hope begins to flow into the limbs and hearts of all the northern species. And I'm feeling it today. I'm truly feeling it.

Loving you all back with a warmed heart,


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