Sunday, March 29, 2009

A quick note

posted by Mary Lello, Sunday, March 29, 2009, 7:33 AM

Well, THAT was fun! What an amazing party on Friday night at the gallery. What an amazing show that was put up and put on. What an amazing feasting with all the fantastic food and wine. And it all came with drama and suspense with the silent auction bidding.

My niece, Jennywren, stole the show as she would climb a ladder and make announcements and do the count down for the closing of the pictures on the silent auction. People would quiet down just to hear what she would say as she was quick witted, informative and just fun to have up on that ladder as master of ceremonies! Talk about a 'proud mama' feeling!

There is a huge long list of thank you's, which would mean this would NOT be a quick note so I will be doing that on a more personal level. Just let it be known that a gala like Friday night does not happen without a tremendous amount of work and volunteers and .... love. And once again Jim and I were surrounded by so much love. It is just astounding.

And damn, it was SO great to see all of his images up on those walls with everyone falling in love with certain ones that just would speak to you as an individual for whatever reasons. My sister, Jayne, fell in love with the Masai mother and child because she couldn't get over how they were looking straight at the camera .... at Jim ... and she said "THIS is what is your magic Jim, that you capture people in their barest essence, that people all over the world will open up to you this way". She's got that right!

So we thank you all for those who came to the opening, who shared in the magic of that event and fell in love with an image and purchased it for your own home. That is an amazing compliment all in itself! And for those who couldn't be there the website is up and running and you can purchase your image easily on line.

NOW, on a more sober note, Jim has his MRI tomorrow, Monday 3/30 at 9:30 a.m. We will be meeting with Dr. Weisburg on Monday afternoon at 3:30 and get the results of the MRI. We are anxious to get these results and also nervous .... there are a lot of unknowns at this point! I'm assuming we will also hear Weisburg's "plan B" for us at this time.

Our good friends Gena and Reg will come by Monday afternoon to be here to share whatever news we have. They've been down this road and continue to walk this line so we are incredibly bonded to these 2 people and have fallen in love with who they are very quickly. They will be a wonderful support system for us at this moment.

AND, I will post what the results are. So many people have been wishing us the best for Monday and saying ... 'let me know, please!', 'call me, OK?', 'will you post the results?' ... so yes, I WILL post the results as well as any other information we get.

We are so thankful you are all here in this huge circle.

Loving you all back,


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