Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Snow Island

posted by Mary Lello, Wednesday, July 15, 2009, 5:36 AM

The new pictures posted are from our weekend on Snow Island, a privately owned island off Harpswell where the Lello clam gathers annually for play time (just realized my typo of clam vs. clan ... but I Iike it!). I have a BIG family - this year we were 20+ strong - it's always so wonderful that the owner/friend of this island, Dodge, opens his small piece of paradise for all of us to gather and basically take over his place! Usually we go there over Labor Day but this year my niece, Hanna, may be in actual labor with her 2nd child on that date so we went earlier.

Miracles of miracles the weather cleared out and we had 3 gorgeous days of sunshine. Except for sleeping the entire time on this island is spent outside eating, drinking, swimming, kayaking, visiting and this year dancing. Yes, that is Jim dancing with me in the photo to an impromptu band with guitar, banjo, fiddle, spoons and even bottles. You just couldn't keep your feet from tapping and Jim was up for a dance! I thought we might just stand there and swing our hips a little bit but Jim took my hand and started to swing me out and twirl me around! OK, we're really dancing here!!

On Sunday the wind died down and it was good kayaking weather so I mentioned it was too bad there wasn't a double kayak so I could take jim out. "There IS a double Mary, it's new!" says my sistah. Well whoohoo! So with all hands on deck to get Jim into the kayak we set off with my niece, Jennywren, and nephew, Will, in single boats to kayak around the island. This is such a beautiful area with Ospreys overhead, an occasional Eagle sighting and very peaceful inlets. Jim looked over his shoulder several times and just said "this is so great Mary".

And it was, really great!

In the evening we all head up to the "barn" where there's a pool table. I have some real pool sharks in my family but I am not one of them nor are my other 2 sisters Jayne and Sara (Karmo is however!). But somehow the 4 Blah Blah sisters got roped into playing a game. I was pretty sure this game could take all night since Jayne, Sara and I can't seem to knock any of those stupid balls into any of those pockets! At one point Sara was trying to figure out a shot and she turned to Jim, who was sitting behind her and had a view of the line too, and Sara asked him if she took this shot would this ball go into that corner pocket. Jim coached her a little bit and kept saying "yes, it will go into the pocket". Well, sure 'nuff, she took that shot with Jim's blessing and that ball dropped into the corner pocket pretty as could be!

It was wonderful to see Jim smiling so much, to have so many others around to step in to help JIm do whatever. Over the years these island weekends have always been wonderful, but this one felt extra special this year.

Donna and Mark arrived last night and today we will head up to Blue Hill to continue our vacation. Jim continues to get stronger, continues to get frustrated with all he still can't do but even this, I feel, is a sign of his healing.

Loving you all back,


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