Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August 25th

Yup, today is our anniversary. I always would say "legally we've been married for 26 years, but illegally we lived together for 5 years". And Jim would laugh. I was always very proud - and amazed - at how long he and I had been together .... happily .... very much together.

It's raining here today. A much needed soaking for this little state in the Union. Seems appropriate for my mood too - a bit withdrawn, a bit gray and wet. I thought I'd try to just not acknowledge the day today, maybe it would pass silently, slither by like that little garter snake I saw in the garden the other day ... so silent and beautiful and quick to disappear. But, like my birthday, it's another difficult "first" and it's not really going to just slip easily away from me I guess.

Oh, I don't feel any big desire to do some kind of tribute - God no, that might destroy me. But I do feel a need to have a diversion. My niece, Molly, seems to be jumping in with all kinds of ideas of what she and I can do today after work. A movie might just fit the bill; big screen visuals with someone else's life playing out in front of me. She wants to see Eat, Pray, Love. I loved the book so assume I won't love the movie. I also refer to this scenario when I say "when will I get out of my fetal position and pull myself off the bathroom floor, fly off to Italy, buy a villa, pull my life together again and write a memoir that Oprah will scoop up so it becomes a best seller?"

Dream a little dream for me .....

So not only is it a gray day for me, it's actually been a very hard week. I seemed to reach down even deeper into the depths of despair and longing for this best friend of mine. "They" say it will get easier. "They" is actually several widowed friends of mine who are almost convincing me that it does soften, that I can continue in this world and find my way, just have to get through all these damn firsts I guess. Hard to believe the seconds will truly be easier.

In addition, I have to go to the dentist this morning. I'm not kidding. And I think I'll have to schedule having one of my four wisdom teeth pulled since one is beginning to really bother me. I do find this a bit humorous and probably could come up with all kinds of analogies. But I'm not going to.

I do know that Jim would have enjoyed the humor in this.

Loving you all back

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  1. Mary, still holding on to those 4 wisdom teeth - wow. I remember mine coming out (24 years ago) like it was yesterday!

    I'm glad you clarified your anniversary number. I was sure you and Jim and Don and I were married the same number of years...but them 31 came along. We had a nice little dinner on our "30th" anniversary just last week. You're right, it is an amazingly wonderful & long time to be with the one you love.

    I am very much hoping that your upcoming trip/adventure brings some light back into your heart. You will be in my thoughts. (We will put Sarah on a plane to Scotland on the 31st. I guess there are lots of leaps into major life experiences coming up for people I love.)

    Enjoy the movie. Betsy and I will hopefully see it soon too. xo Margo